10 08, 2019

Maca Villas & Spa


Maca Villas Inspired by the concept of a tropical village, Maca Villas & Spa Bali blends 25 private pool villas together with communal spaces within a lush landscape. It is an innovative design that [...]

Maca Villas & Spa2019-08-10T23:01:54+08:00
2 08, 2019

The Kumpi Villas


The Kumpi Villas The Kumpi Villas is a place you’ll be happy to call home on your Bali holiday. Our boutique resort offers four private pool villas equipped with everything you need to enjoy [...]

The Kumpi Villas2019-08-10T23:02:12+08:00
2 08, 2019

Villa Origami


Origami Villa Origami (from oru meaning “folding”, and kami meaning “paper”) is the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. The goal of this [...]

Villa Origami2019-08-10T23:00:42+08:00
2 08, 2019

Villa Liang


Villa Liang The word, “Liang”, means in Balinese, “happy” and in Mandarin, “bright”; both of which reflect the ambience of this charming Villa. Located in [...]

Villa Liang2019-08-10T22:58:26+08:00
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