In the mountains around Ubud, the guesthouses, hotels, and villas share the village’s peaceful atmosphere and focus on culture and art. Backpackers can stay in comfortable losmen that have been run by local families for decades, and get a true feeling for rustic traditional life in Bali. Chickens, playing children, and perhaps the odd monkey are included. Yoga retreats and other spiritually focused accommodation can also easily be found by the soul-seeking traveler. Many mid-range hotels offer families comfort and style, with local stonework, wood-carvings, and fish ponds as all part of the deal. Meanwhile, some of the world’s most luxurious hotel chains have created havens in the surrounding mountains, offering incredible style and world-class comfort for travelers seeking peace and serenity. Ubud has long been the home of choice for artists and free thinkers from around the world, so there is no shortage of longer-term accommodation available. Vacation rentals can be found for a wide variety of budgets. The center of Ubud, though focused on meditation, traditional arts, and culture, is lively, with some of the best restaurants on the island and shopping options for all ranges. Families can enjoy plenty of activities among the rice fields and rivers in the area.

Villas in Ubud