Lempuyang Temple ( Bali’s Gate Of Heaven)

One of the highest temples in Bali, Lempuyang Temple is a sacred Hindu temple standing among the lush hills of Karangasem. The soothing surroundings and the picturesque Gate of Heaven, combined with the breezy atmosphere of the hilly area, has made the temple a favored destination worth a visit during your stay in The Island of Gods. The name of the temple itself is believed to be taken from the words “lempu” and “hyang”. “Lempu” means light, while “hyang” is a designation for God. Therefore, Lempuyang Temple means a God that shines a bright light. The name is very fitting since the temple is located on the east of the island where the sun can be seen rising in the morning beautifully right through the Gate of Heaven. In the east of Bali, there stands a magnificent gate that has become a popular spot among tourists all over the world, thanks to the view and atmosphere it provides.