North of Uluwatu is Jimbaran, home to the tallest hotel in Bali; The Jimbaran View. Jimbaran was a small fishing village before it grew into a tourist resort, offering spectacular seafood restaurants and luxury 5star hotels. There are also many high-end villas in this area, particularly on the ridges of high ground above Jimbaran Bay. This has resulted in monikers such as the “Beverly Hills of Bali” or “Millionaire’s Row”. Lately the area is developing more affordable accommodation. There is however little in the way of budget accommodation. The bay itself has a pleasant white sand beach and is very safe for swimming. The three clusters of grilled seafood restaurants on the beach are a major tourist draw in the evenings, as is the truly stunning sunset. The customers can select live seafood that they wish to eat, and it is immediately prepared, generally¬†grilled over a for of coconut husks rather then charcoal. Jimbaran has an increasing number of rather chic shops but there is little or no nightlife here. It has the advantage of being a little closer to Kuta and Seminyak and the cultural highlights of Central Bali.

Villas in Jimbaran