Cepung Waterfall, Penglipuran Village & Goa Gajah

Visiting a beautiful waterfall in Bangli Regency, thus experiencing unique culture and architecture in one of the oldest and traditional villages in Bali. Situated in a peaceful Tembuku Village, Bangli, the place is also used as a spiritual cleansing ritual place for Balinese Hindus.

Continue your Bali enthusiasm by embracing traditional life, culture and architecture ambiance in one of the ancient Bali villages named Pengelipuran Village in Bangli RegencyWell-preserved ancient architecture houses, lush peaceful nature, and unique cultural Balinese life are the scenic things to be found here. Capturing the aesthetic Chinese ornament from an old Hindu temple, then walking inside a conserved Bamboo forest in Bangli.  Discover a hidden beauty and swing in the jungle in Ubud, and finally visit Elephant Cave are the exciting itinerary of our tour.

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