Hi there! My name is Sayang, I am Balinese and founder of BaliDia travel service. I live in The United States and travel back and forth to Bali for my business also visiting family.

Established February 2006, BaliDia is owner operated with a loyal and dedicated local team,family and friends, who understand vacations are meant to be enjoyed and not fussed over. We know, everyone loves to travel, and not everyone loves to travel the same way. Find your travel style with us, make your vacation fun and a memorable one.

We are here to help you find the right trip, handle all the details, and give you savings options. There’s always something for everyone. Solo, honeymoon, families and group travelers! From beaches to temples, Bali got it all! Our concierge services, including a dedicated team available to provide exceptional support and services during your vacation.

Sit back and relax… We’ll take care the details for you!